Monthly Bulletin of the Lander Rotary Club
March 2024
Service Above Self Since 1936
Rwanda Global Grant Project Very Close to Full Funding!
With $99,875 pledged, the club’s Global Grant project to train nurses in Rwanda to diagnose and treat strep throat and prevent often-fatal rheumatic heart disease in children is very nearly fully funded!  The overall cost of the project is estimated to be just under $100,000; the budget is being finalized.  Support has come from numerous sources:
  • Private individuals -- $25,575 (25.61%)
  • Lander Rotary Club -- $6,000 (6.01%)
  • District 5440 DDF -- $15,000 (15.02%)
  • Other Districts’ DDF -- $21,000 (21.03%)
  • TRF World Fund Match, D5440 -- $28,800 (28.84%)
  • Other Rotary Clubs -- $3,500 (3.50%)
Kudos to Maria Kidner,, and Cassy Venters,, for their hard work in putting this project together and doing the fundraising and Grant work to achieve this goal!! This is the club’s first Global Grant project and its largest ever in dollar amount!!
Service Committee to ask Board for Special Grants Fund
As the list above shows, several Rotary clubs and Districts and individual Rotarians have contributed to the Rwanda project.  Chances are, some of those clubs and districts will, appropriately, ask us to help fund their projects in the future. Recognizing the importance and power of having Rotary clubs and Districts support Global Grant projects like the Rwanda project, the Service Committee has voted to ask the club’s Board of Directors to establish an annual $2,000 fund to support Global Grants projects elsewhere in the world.
Club to seek $5,000 Grant for Ukraine Cell phone project
After shipping 48 solar panels converted to cell phone chargers to Ukraine, the club’s Service Committee has voted to seek a $5,000 District Grant in 2024-25 that would enable us to ship as many as 35 more chargers to the war-torn country next year. The project chair, Ken Schreuder,, is looking for businesses and organizations to sponsor even more panels.  We received international recognition recently for this project in a blog posting written by Jerry Venters and published by Rotary International.
Deadlines Coming Soon – Scholarship, RYLA
Several deadlines are coming up soon for us:
  • Jumpers are needed for the annual Jackalope Jump to raise funds for Wyoming Special Olympics on March 23.  Contact: Carol Chidsey,, our only jumper so far. Our club donates $500 to Special Olympics.
  • The deadline for submitting applications for the club’s $1,500, first-year college scholarship is March 31.  Special emphasis will be on the student’s volunteer service work.  Questions: Maria Kidner,
  • April 15 is the deadline for applications for RYLA, which will be held in June and July in Estes Park, CO.  Contact RYLA Chair Shelby Rohrbacher,
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