July 07: North Side Park @ Noon 
July 14: The Oxbow @ Noon  Jason Kintzler: Lifekey
July 21: North Side Park @ Noon  Dr. Geoff Kraemer:  Sage West Foot and ankle surgery
July 28: The Oxbow @ Noon  Anita Roman: Classification talk
August 04: North Side Park @ Noon  Jackie Nelson: Classification Talk
August 11: The Oxbow @ Noon  Jerry and Cassie Venters: Guinea-Bissau School Project
August 18: North Side Park @ Noon  Lance Hopkin: City Engineer (and former Lander Rotarian)
August 25: The Oxbow @ Noon  Eric Ruckle: 307 First, Elevate Wyoming
September 1: Location: TBD @ Noon  Renee Kniola: Classification Talk
September 8: Location: TBD @ Noon  
September 15: Location: TBD @ Noon 
September 22: Location: TBD @ Noon  Dr. Ken Holt Sage West Ob-Gyn
September 29: Location: TBD @Noon